Massive Attack – Take It There (ft Tricky) (Q357 Preview)
Name: Massive AttackTrack name: Take It There (ft Tricky) Hometown: Bristol Who? 3d and Daddy G Massive Attack – Take It There (ft Tricky) (Q357 Preview)
The Killers Fight Back From The Brink In The New Issue Of Q!
sits down for a fry-up with Tricky as the man also known as Adrian Thaws finally comes to term with Tricky career. The issue also features The National, Wolf Alice, Interpol, The Libertines, Tricky and much more.
Playlist - Brett Anderson's 'Songs in the key of Black'
are a few..." Tricky - Black Steel "The words belong to Public Enemy but Tricky takes them somewhere
Festival Playlist – Convergence Festival 2015 by the organisers
feature the likes of Gary Numan, Tricky, George Clinton, Matthew Herbert and more at venues . Nevertheless, for me, this track signifies when Tricky was able to step out of Massive Attack's shadow and alienation." Tricky – Overcome "Another man who refuses to be pinned down and always pushes forwards
Q347 Caption Competition – Win a Limited-Edition American Standard Fender Stratocaster
attempting what looks like a tricky manoeuvre. Leave your entry – the funnier the better – below 20 May
Five Songs To Hear This Week - Jib Kidder, Tonik Ensemble, DMA, Axes, Flying Lotus
soulful synths and icicle-decorated vocals courtesy of Tricky collaborator Ragnhildur Gisladottir. The
Who? What? Why? Where? When? Röyksopp
tricky here - I believe we would have to reboot the very nature of human beings, void of all those
Who? What? Why? Where? When? The Staves
Hall on 14 June. WHO would play you in the film of your life? Well that's a tricky one with three
Five Songs To Hear This Week - Wild Beasts, Two Wings, Waking Aida, David Douglas & Tijuana Bibles
contemplative guitars, tricky rhythms and great, sky-high hooks. All the same, Waking Aida add a dash of
Guest Column – The right kind of dramas: The Feeling on moving into ballets & musicals
theatre is often tricky, though in some ways it’s easier than writing for myself. The Feeling’s songs are
James Yorkston & Alexis Taylor discuss the making of The Cellardyke Recording And Wassailing Society
crying, or being verbally abused by Jon Thorne. A tricky balance. The group singing brought something have been tricky. I was very happy with Pictish and KT, they were my initial choices. Tell you
Artist Playlist – Lamb's Farmyard sounds (Marking 10 years of Farmfest)
. Tricky, as I was driving at the time. I struggled to imagine that they could match their debut album
Guest Column – How I learned to stop worrying and love concept albums by Public Service Broadcasting
or perspective on past events, and that really is the tricky part. That is the part that musicians
Q&A Foster The People "I was in a chess game with my own subconscious"
out of the room. Also that little kid lives in the subconscious so it’s a tricky place because the
Inside the making of Damon Albarn & Rufus Norris' Dr Dee
perspective." Norris: "It's one of those tricky things, what do you call something like this? If you call
Q&A The War On Drugs "The response to Lost In The Dream has been more cathartic than making it"
little bit. I do love playing outside, it’s tricky but it is fun. It’s a blast off set. You play all
Wolf Alice: on the road with the workaholic Londoners in the US.
touring. “It’s not bad. But it definitely can be tricky.” Back in London they found themselves
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