Watch Baxter Dury's new video for Pleasure

Watch Baxter Dury's new video for Pleasure

baxterdurynewBaxter Dury is set to return with new album It's A Pleasure on 20 October - and Q has premiere of the video for his first single, near title track Pleasure below.

Shot guerrilla-style on London's Millennium Bridge, the song is a chiming introduction to his fourth studio album.

"The actual takes were filmed it in about four goes in rush hour," says Dury of the video. "Earlier in the day we had practiced the sequence in South London at much grottier location and we started to be swallowed up by the local environment. We used a proper crew with DP a focus puller and a steady cam dude. We had make up girl who had a small bucket of fake excrement. People around us were only politely curious and we mostly told them we were making a broad minded children's programme.

"The excrement only arrived halfway through the schedule and slightly soured the perceptions of the camera unit. By five o'clock we were well rehearsed and full of confidence and were swift in our actions and almost unnoticeable, hence the the lack of interest in all the innocent tourist/workers who feature as extras. There are a few performances attributed to them which make the film. There's a lady that always walks to my stage left just ahead of me - she has a magisterial presence like a head nurse, and just behind her is a floppy doctor. They seem to be proudly escorting their patients somewhere exciting. My oldest friend in the world Zenaide turns up for a few brief seconds to assault me; he is made from steel and thunder and can be genuinely scary. The director Roger Sargent is gentle, clear and unrattleable, he is a dude. What a super day out and with a bucket of poo."

Watch the video for Pleasure now.

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