Clarens - Trust

Name: ClarensTrack name: Trust Hometown: Dakar, Senegal. Raised in France. Who? French musician and producer Ousseynou Cissé. Why now? Trust is released as a single next week (12 May). "It is a song about lost friendships," he explains."I've been a touring member of [French duo] Juveniles for a year now and most of the music I write for Clarens is influenced by what I've seen and the people I've met during the past 10 months or so. Touring is something wonderful and I was given the chance to meet wonderful people and to play the greatest festivals in France and abroad. But touring is also being away from your town and not having enough time to see everyone you want to see when at home. Trust is a song for those who never understood this. I'm not the most talkative guy on Earth that's why I needed to write this song instead of telling my friends how I felt." Hear more: