Baio – Sister Of Pearl

Name: BaioTrack name: Sister Of Pearl Hometown: Bronxville, New York Who? Vampire Weekend bass man's solo twiddling. Why now? The bassist is furthering his individual enterprises with an album, The Names, this autumn (18 September) and Sinter Of Pearl is his first singer, proper, from the record. "Sister of Pearl came together fairly quickly for me – it was a pleasant afternoon spent at home with my piano," he tells Q of the track. "With it I wanted to try and write a feelgood, throwback pop song inspired by a lot of my favorite British songwriters. It's definitely a Roxy Music reference. The opening lyric is 'Think I might forget / Gonna write it down', I was trying to evoke an earlier time, I never write anything down anymore, I – like most people I know – tend to type my ideas into my phone. I've also always been a sucker for songs with wordless hooks, so this is my attempt at that!" Hear more: