Wire: 'Every Wire album is a statement' (Q347 Preview)

Wire: 'Every Wire album is a statement' (Q347 Preview)

wireHaving spent most of their long – often interrupted – career at music's cutting edge, in our new issue – Q347 out nowWire tell Q they feel their biggest creative threat comes from themselves.

Speaking to Dorian Lynskey in this month's Q Maverick interview, the band explain a fear of repeating themselves relentlessly drives them on.

"Our biggest competition is not other bands of our generation, or young bands," suggests frontman Colin Newman. "It's our own back catalogue and people who want to confined us to the 70s."

"Wire are a contemporary band and have always been. We don’t want to be a bad cover version of ourselves." he explains. "Every Wire album is a statement about who we are and why we’re doing it."

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