Underworld: ‘We almost turned Trainspotting down’ (Q358 Preview)

Underworld: ‘We almost turned Trainspotting down’ (Q358 Preview)

underworldolympicsIt’s the iconic moment of one Britain’s greatest films, but Underworld nearly refused to allow Born Slippy to be used in Trainspotting.

Speaking in the latest issue of Q – out now in print and on digital – the pair explain in this month’s Maverick interview how they were initially sceptical about their music being enjoyed in Danny Boyle’s film.

“I remember Danny asked if he could use our music,” Rick Smith tells Q’s Rupert Howe. “But the requests were always, ‘Nightclub: gun scene’, which made us angry because dance music gave such a welcoming feeling – we never saw a fight in a club. But then he showed us 15 minutes [of Trainspotting] and we were like, ‘You can do whatever you want!’”

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