The Maccabees: 'Making albums is not a pleasurable thing' (Q347 Preview)

The Maccabees: 'Making albums is not a pleasurable thing' (Q347 Preview)

maccabeesThe Maccabees have spoken about the group tension that went into making their new album, their most direct yet – in an exclusive in-the-studio report in our new issue – Q347 out now.

They tell Paul Stokes that after a series of false starts the band resolved to only write songs when the whole group was in a room together. Though successful, it put pushed every creative decision to a “much bigger scale” .

“It was more honest as to what the band is, but it’s a difficult way to do record because it creates an intense situation,” guitarist Hugo White – who produced he record – explains, and though happy with the results, frontman Orlando Weeks suggests the recording process might not be his most favourite thing.

“I feel proud of our resolve, but it’s not a pleasurable thing to do, there’s not enough reward,” he explains. "If at the start someone said over three years you can have an hour-and-a-half of jubilant ecstasy, versus two years of finding it exhausting and upsetting, well..."

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