The Courteeners: “We’re an anomaly!” (Q356 Preview)

The Courteeners: “We’re an anomaly!” (Q356 Preview)

Courteeners_q356“We’re not big, or famous but we’re connecting with just enough people for it to matter,” declares The CourteenersLiam Fray as he takes stock of his band's unique place in British rock’n’roll in the new issue of Q.

Speaking in a feature in our latest edition – available now in print and on digital – the singer accepts that while supported by a loyal, passionate and sizeable fanbase, there are plenty of other people who hate their music with equal passion.

“We’re an anomaly. When we started we weren’t quite laddy enough for the lads and we weren’t cool enough for the cool kids. And that’s still the case,” Fray tells Q’s Simon Goddard.

“We don’t get played on Radio 1. Four albums in, and we’ve never been on Jools Holland. Nobody outside of Manchester really knows who the fuck we are. We’ve just never fitted in.”

But he’s really is not complaining… get Q now – in print or on digital – to find out why in the full, candid The Courteeners feature.