Super Furry Animals: “Don Henley has our tank!” (Q348 Preview)

Super Furry Animals: “Don Henley has our tank!” (Q348 Preview)

sfa-tankThe recently reunited Super Furry Animals answer your questions in this month’s Cash For Questionsavailable in Q348 out now.

Among the teasers set by the public, the fate of the band’s blue tank – a military vehicle converted into a soundsystem – came up and the group reveal it now has yet another rock star owner.

Don Henley has it now!” explains SFA's Dafydd Ieuan. “He collects them and he’d been looking for that particular tank. He drives it round his ranch. He brought it off the guy who brought it off us.”

Not that he’ll be able to do much conquering with it.

“It was a peaceful tank,” adds frontman Gruff Rhys. “We decommissioned it from the army and made it a soundsystem. We were going to reclaim all tanks for peaceful purposes and stereo systems...”

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