Rod Stewart: ‘The Faces had a barman onstage!’ (Q353 Preview)

Rod Stewart: ‘The Faces had a barman onstage!’ (Q353 Preview)

10-commandments-Rod-Stewart-spread-q353Rod Stewart recalls the days of having an onstage bar – complete with barman – with The Faces in the new issue of Q, out now.

Giving us his 10 Commandments for better living, the superstar singer recalls his old band’s mid-gig drinking arrangements, while warning: “Don't drink port on an empty stomach”.

"In the Faces we never got drunk just for the sake of getting drunk. We would all be in the dressing room passing round a bottle of Mateus Rosé, then we’d go out and play. We had the barman onstage, he had a proper bar and would bring us drinks on a tray,” Stewart tells Q’s Chris Catchpole.

“When Kenney [Jones] had his drum solo on (I Know) I’m Losing You, we’d all go to the bar and [sticks elbow out] watch him. ‘You carry on, we’ll just have a quick one!’ Our decline when it came to alcohol consumption was when one of us decided to start drinking port and brandy on an empty stomach…”

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