Rizzle Kicks’ NHS Manifesto: “Pick on the rich!” (Q338 Preview)

Rizzle Kicks’ NHS Manifesto: “Pick on the rich!” (Q338 Preview)

rizzlekicksRizzle Kicks have revealed they’re up for a bit of wealth redistribution to keep the National Health Service going.

Speaking on Cash For Questions in this month’s issue, Q338 out now, the duo, Harley Alexander-Sule and Jordan Stephens, reveal their spending plans in response to a reader’s question.

Quizzed on how they would reform the NHS, Stephens outlines his (nearly) costed out solution.

“Well, pay nurses more. Get the money from rich people. Pick on people!” he suggests.

“That’s how you reform the NHS: pick on rich bastards. There’s a top 1 per cent of Britain that’s unbelievably rich. Like the Duke of Westminster basically owns Mayfair, the dude’s on like £8.7bn or something. Just take a cheeky £200m from that guy, he won’t even notice it. Chuck it in the NHS and give him a statue or something.”

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