Paul McCartney: “I love Kanye West’s balls!” (Q346 Preview)

Paul McCartney: “I love Kanye West’s balls!” (Q346 Preview)

paulmccartneysoloPaul McCartney has hailed Kanye West following the pair’s recent collaboration together, declaring his loves his artistic “balls”.

Speaking to Mark Blake for the cover feature of our new issue, Q346 out today (31 March), the Beatle explains how he ended-up recording in a Los Angeles bungalow with the rapper-producer.

“I had a call from someone saying, ‘Kanye would like to collaborate with you.’ But they didn’t tell me on what,” recalls McCartney.

The results included recent single Only One which featured the former Wings man on piano – a collaboration which resulted in many of West fans jokingly asking on Twitter who was this "new artist" West was working with.

However as McCartney explains, you just have to go with it when working with the rapper, explaining he also loved his performance of single All Day – based on an original ‘whistle’ by Macca – at the Brit Awards which was virtually bleeped into abstraction on the television broadcast thanks to its expletive-heavy content.

“I thought it was great. I really did,” declares McCartney. “I love his balls. If you’re gonna work with Kanye you have to accept who he is… Whether you like what Kanye does or you don’t, he an artist and it’s his prerogative.”

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