Paul McCartney: “I get the tube!” (Q30th Birthday Issue Preview)

Paul McCartney: “I get the tube!” (Q30th Birthday Issue Preview)

paulmccartneysoloWith Q celebrating its 30th birthday with a special issue – out now in print and on digital – we’ve asked our first ever cover star Paul MCartney to do the introductions.

Setting the tone for the celebratory issue, the former Beatles speaks candidly in a new interview even revealing how he often likes to take the Tube.

“In New York or in Paris or in London, I sometimes take the Underground,” he tells Q’s Tom Doyle explaining that he doesn’t disguise himself.

“The thing about the Underground is nobody looks at anyone,” he adds. “If I do get somebody saying, ‘Are you Paul McCartney?’ I say, ‘Are you kidding? D’you think he’d be on the Underground?’ Then they go, ‘Oh yeah, well I suppose you’re right, yeah.'”

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