Nile Rodgers: ‘Disco Sucks! sucked!’ (Q346 Preview)

Nile Rodgers: ‘Disco Sucks! sucked!’ (Q346 Preview)

nilerodgersbmiNile Rodgers tackles questions from Q’s readers in our latest issue – Q346 out now – as the subject of this month’s Cash For Question.

Answering a range of enquiries from jamming with Jimi Hendrix to working with Daft Punk and beyond, the CHIC leader explains that despite recent success with Get Lucky, plus Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk following his lead, the Disco Sucks campaign of the late 70s won… and wrecked his band.

Asked if he thought he’d ultimately beaten the rock DJs who campaigned against his music, Rodgers says he felt defeated.

“Disco Sucks won. Certainly as far as CHIC is concerned they won,” he tells Q's Paul Stokes.

“What’s interesting is that after Disco Sucks not only did we never have another Number One record but a year later there were a bunch of records imitating us that were considered hip hop, rap or rock. Exactly one year to the day in America the Number One record was Queen’s Another One Bites The Dust! Then we had Rapper’s Delight, Radio Clash… a ton of records that did our little riff.

“For some reason we were targeted as the disco gods so we became the disco devils.”

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