Muse’s Matt Bellamy: “Hillary Clinton seemed like one of my friend’s mums…” (Q357 Preview)

Muse’s Matt Bellamy: “Hillary Clinton seemed like one of my friend’s mums…” (Q357 Preview)

muse-357-liveIn the new issue of Q, on sale in print and on digital from today (18 February), Muse grant us unprecedented backstage access to their current tour… although Matt Bellamy reveals he's been mixing in even exclusive circles himself.

With his politically charged, dystopian lyrical theories, the frontman tells Dorian Lynsky that while in Washington he met US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton and her husband, former president Bill.

“They seem like nice people, very down-to-earth,” reports our rock star in DC. “Hillary seemed like one of my friend’s mums but I’m sure she’s an expert at talking to anybody on their own terms. Put her in a room with me and she’s chatty and friendly: ‘Oh, I love your music.’ You just get the sense that it’s a chess game to them and they’re out to win.”

Bellamy adds though that he likes the idea of a female president. “I do think if all politicians were women, the world would be a better place,” he suggests. “Men compete for natural resources in the hope it will secure their chances of getting laid. That’s what men do.”

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