Michael Kiwanuka: “Kanye West had a throne in the studio…” (Q360 Preview)

Michael Kiwanuka: “Kanye West had a throne in the studio…” (Q360 Preview)

michaelkiwanuka-2016Michael Kiwanuka is set to release his second album next month, but in the latest issue of Q – out now in print and on digital – he reveals he almost ended-up on a Kanye West record.

The songwriter was invited to collaborate in Hawaii with the rapper-producer, though the Londonder found the experience somewhat head-spinning.

“I stayed in a hotel and in the morning this guy would pick me up and drive me to the studio,” he tells Q's Laura Barton.

“It was another world. I’d walk into the main room and Kanye West… it was literally like he was on a throne – all his people were round him, asking his opinions on his clothing line, his chef would be serving him soup, he’d be making beats, he was king of the castle and I’d never seen anything like that. It was a full on operation, like a modern-day Motown.”

Get the new issue of Q now for more Kiwanuka’s experience on working with West, plus his thoughts and insights on his own new album, the brilliant Love & Hate which is due out on 3 June and is reviewed this month too.

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