Kings Of Leon: “Actually… we fight like pussies” (Q334 preview)

Kings Of Leon: “Actually… we fight like pussies” (Q334 preview)

kingsofleonKings Of Leon say they aren’t actually as tough as people think, and their long-rumoured brotherly brawls are not as violent as legend would have you believe.

Speaking in our new issue, Q334 out now, the band responded to fan questions in this month’s Cash For Questions interview.

“I don’t think we’ve ever had a good enough fight to judge who is the toughest,” suggests frontman Caleb Followill. “Any time there’s ever been a fight there’s a lot of back hand slapping, spitting...”

“As brothers there’s the rule nothing above the neck,” adds drummer Nathan. “You can’t be giving each other black eyes or knocking teeth out and then going to play shows or doing photoshoots, so we’ve stuck to brother code of good kidney shots, smacks on the back of the head.”

So the fights of lore are not ultimate smackdowns? “A lot of people think we’re these big fighters and stuff, in the past a lot of the time we were fighting like pussies,” admits Caleb. “We weren’t really duking it out.”

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