Kasabian: “Glastonbury? It’s our turn and we’ll claim our crown” (Q336 Preview)

Kasabian: “Glastonbury? It’s our turn and we’ll claim our crown” (Q336 Preview)

Q336cover_web-featureimageKasabian have told Q they’ve enjoyed some of the negative reaction to news they’ll headline Glastonbury this year – because they’ll prove everyone wrong.

Speaking in the cover story interview of our new issue, Q336 out today (27 May), Tom Meighan and Sergio Pizzorno are gung-ho about their slot headlining the Pyramid stage on the Sunday night of this year’s festival (25-29 June).

“I love that,” says Pizzorno tells Q's Tom Doyle of the naysayers. “‘Cause we know what we’ve got and we know what we can do. So what is better than everyone saying, [scornfully] That’s not gonna happen? No-one’s got a fucking clue what we’re gonna do and we’re gonna kill it beyond belief. Then all of a sudden they’ll go [gasps], Well I never knew that. And we can go, Well you fucking ain’t been listening, have ya?”

Singer Meighan is similarly bullish, declaring that while they have to earn there place at the top of the festival bill, they’re ready to deliver.

“Thing is, we haven’t got the God-given rights to anything,” says Tom. “But fuck, who do you want to stick on there? Fucking Crosby, Stills and Nash and the fucking Beach Boys? We’ve come so far, and on our day we can match any band in the world. Any band. It’s our turn and we’ll claim our crown.”

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