Kanye West exclusive interview: “I had to lose, I had to be humbled...” (Q349 Preview)

Kanye West exclusive interview: “I had to lose, I had to be humbled...” (Q349 Preview)

KANYE-WEST-spreadDespite many people's perception of him, Kanye West insists he has put his ego aside in order to be more creative.

The Glastonbury headliner speaks exclusively to Q in our new issue, on sale from Tuesday (30 June), and he tells Dorian Lynskey that following wide-spread criticism of his interruption of Taylor Swift’s speech at the 2009 MTV Awards, and the impact of his mother’s death on him – Donda West died following surgery in 2007 – he went through a long period of self-reflection and self-evaluation.

“I had to get beat up, I had to lose, I had to be humbled, and I had to realise my position,” he says. “I made a mountain for myself, I went to the mountain top, and I never touched God. You have to recalibrate and understand that you’re not a god in any way other than the fact that God is inside us. I am here to serve God.”

He argues this understanding has made him a better artist, declaring that all his records have lived-up to the creative ideals he set for them.

“That’s what makes me a good artist, because I can portray what’s in my head,” he argues. “I challenge commercialism all the time. I challenge people with sonic beauty. For a society that’s been greyed out by mediocrity, it’s like eating a whole bunch of McDonald’s and then you get some real food. What’s actually good is challenging when you’ve been served bullshit so much. The ultimate win is when a lot of people want that new good as opposed to the mediocre thing they were getting before.”

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