Joy Division: The Story Behind Every Song (Q348 Preview/ Gallery)

Joy Division: The Story Behind Every Song (Q348 Preview/ Gallery)

[new_royalslider id="11"] In our new issue – Q348 out now in print and on digital – we look at the story behind every Joy Division song.

Possibly the most perfectly formed back catalogue rock, we examine the band's brief flash of excellence from their start as Warsaw to peaks like Colony, Love Will Tear Us Apart and Atrocity Exhibition, taking in all the b-sides, album tracks and flexidisc releases along the way in new interview with Peter Hook and Stephen Morris.

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Alongside the stories and revelations, the section is illustrated by a host of images from the era, including Martin O'Neill's photographs of the band.

Above is a gallery of his early pictures of Ian Curtis and co live, and more Joy Division images from one of their early gigs at Manchester's Bowdon Vale Youth Club on 14 March 1979, are currently being exhibited in their hometown, Macclesfield. The show, I Remember Nothing, is being staged at Incubation Arts, at Charles Roe House, Chestergate, Macclesfield, until 28 June.

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