John Cale: “I should have seen Velvet Underground sacking coming…” (Q359)

John Cale: “I should have seen Velvet Underground sacking coming…” (Q359)

johncale-pressJohn Cale shares with us his 10 Commandments for better living in the new issue Q, including why silence should set alarm bells ringing!

As part of his advice – get our new issue in print or on digital for his commandments – he recalls what he learnt after being sacking from The Velvet Underground in 1968.

“When I was fired from The Velvet Underground I thought: ‘Well, I should have seen that coming!’,” he says.

“We’d been doing shows where we didn’t talk to each other and in the studio we had a room each. We were four people who couldn’t be around each other any more. I thought it was such a big mistake to fire me but between the touring, the drugs, the management and all the other activities, ultimately Lou [Reed] didn’t want to keep the band together. So be it.”

Though not happy to leave the band, Cale goes on to say how the incident motivated his next project... Get Q now for the full story and John Cale’s other Commandments.

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