James Bay: “My advice for Jack Garratt? Be nice…” (Q359)

James Bay: “My advice for Jack Garratt? Be nice…” (Q359)

James-BayJames Bay has handed over the Critics Choice Awardnhe won at last year’s Brits to 2016 recipient Jack Garratt with some advice for the newcomer.

Both artists feature in our new issue – Q359 out now in print and on digital – with Bay answering readers’ inquiries in this month’s Cash For Questions.

Here’s a bonus question Bay tackled, which didn’t make it into the issue, what advice would he give Jack Garratt?

“I’m a fan of Jack’s music,” he tells Q’s Paul Stokes. “What I’ve learned is the thing that gets you furthest is being a nice person. You can be as bold, forthright, timid as you want but if you’re genuine to people – whether you’re putting your foot down or doing someone a favour – it doesn’t cost you anything to be nice and it gets you further than being a dick something.

“We’re all lucky to do this, I know that sounds all wholesome but it’s true. Wholesomeness doesn’t go down well with the Brits does it? In America they’d go ‘Ah that’s lovely...’, but whatever, it’s true!”

Get Q now for the full Cash For Questions with James Bay, including his thoughts on cereal, Star Wars, dams, hats and more, plus we also have a full feature with Jack Garratt.

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