Interpol: 'There was no guarantee we’d continue…' (Q339 Preview)

Interpol: 'There was no guarantee we’d continue…' (Q339 Preview)

interpolInterpol have told Q that following bassist Carlos Dengler's departure from the band in 2010 they were not sure if they would make another record together.

However speaking in our new issue, Q339 out now, ahead of the release of new album El Pintor (out 8 September), guitarist Daniel Kessler explains to Tom Doyle how the group slowly discovered they still had a future together as a three-piece.

“I just don’t think you can take these things for granted,” explains Kessler. “To me, that’s not appreciating it enough because it’s more fragile than that. And obviously the band only lives if things are living in it. So clearly those first few days when we got back together, things were really alive.”

The breakthrough came when the band reassembled for writing sessions in New York.

“It was a heavy moment,” Kessler admits. “Carlos was an integral part of our songwriting process. It was a question of, ‘Can we write a cool record without this guy who was a fucking key member of our band?’ And so the process of discovering that yes we can... that was really exciting.”

Get Q339 now for the full interview and a review of El Pintor.