Iggy Pop: “Embrace change (especially if it's David Bowie's idea)!” (Q345 Preview)

Iggy Pop: “Embrace change (especially if it's David Bowie's idea)!” (Q345 Preview)

iggpopThe new issue of Q is out today (24 February) and it’s a special featuring some of our favourite artists picking the "Albums That Changed My Life".

As part of the edition Iggy Pop also gives us his 10 Commandments for living, and he explains how working with David Bowie for The Stooges' Raw Power record did indeed change his life.

“Working with David Bowie was a trauma for the other Stooges because they were hardnuts from Detroit, but I understood that it could be very helpful to us,” explains Pop.

“The music we made before Raw Power was very inchoate and sluggish because that’s what we were living in, the early heroin disintegration of Detroit. We came to England, and boy, what a breath of fresh air! You’d see Marc Bolan live in Wembley Arena. The Stones were in town. Let It Rock, Malcolm [McLaren’s clothes] shop, was right up the street. It was a more literate, exacting environment.

“David was a benefactor to me, but also to the band. He jolted all of us.”

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