Who The Hell?... said THAT? (Q334 preview)

Who The Hell?... said THAT? (Q334 preview)

ringoIn our new issues, Q334 out now, we take a look back through Q's archive at the unique, revealing and often scandalous Who The Hell? interview series.

Launched in the late 80s to "lampoon ego-mania and harpoon narcissim" the interviews conducted mainly by the late Tom Hibbert ran well into the 90s before the PR community got wise and stopped taking his phone calls.

As part of the From The Archive special we've reprinted some of the best Who The Hell? interviews with the likes of Ringo Starr, Margaret Thatcher, Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry among others.

To whet your appetite though here are three genuine quotes said by rock and pop stars to Hibbert.


“I’m aggressive? Bolshy? What are you saying? Stroppy? What do you mean stroppy? In what way stroppy? What are you talking about?”



“I’m not a total pacifist, you know. I’ve shot at people. I missed but I shot at them. I’m sort of glad I missed.”



“In the beginning I had no idea. Then I had an idea but I was not encouraged to use my creativity. I was ready to punch someone in the face.”


If you want to find out who was responsible for these utterances (and it was no one we mentioned above) just grab a copy of Q334 now...

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