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mumfordsnew Our brand new issue – Q347 – is on sale from Tuesday (28 April) and print editions of the magazine come with an exclusive free CD curated by the cover stars Mumford & Sons themselves.

Nominated by the band, Gentlemen Of The Road: The Stopovers features 15 tracks from acts who’ve played – or are about to play – the group's gigs and bespoke festivals, including Ben Howard, The Flaming Lips, My Morning Jacket, Bear's Den, Mumfords themselves and more.

"Stopover is a celebration of a real place, with real people," the band explain. "It’s a bridge between the culture of a music festival and actual culture as lived by real-life people. We bring the music, the stage, the flags and the fans; everything else belongs to the town. Their energy and enthusiasm, their civic pride… their favourite local beer. We’ve found it to be a beautiful thing – maybe the most beautiful thing that we do. Each town imprints its own experience onto the Stopover, and each Stopover is unique."

The band have already staged shows in rural towns (Dungog, Australia), small cities (Portland, Maine), places rich with history (Bristol, Virginia) or ancient tradition (Lewes, UK), and there are more to come as the Gentlemen Of The Road heads to to Scotland, America and beyond this year. For more visit

For the special free CD with this month's Q, we let the band put together tracks from acts who have made their shows so unique – and here's their handpicked track listing. Get our copy from Tuesday.

What's on the Mumfords & Sons Gentlemen Of The Road: The Stopovers CD

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Due to licensing and distribution issues, the cover-mounted CD is not available for Overseas and Value-Pack purchasers.


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