Extract – "The Academy Awards is a capitalist process" Anohni on the 2016 Oscars (Q359 Preview)

Extract – "The Academy Awards is a capitalist process" Anohni on the 2016 Oscars (Q359 Preview)

anohniAnohni is this this subject of month’s Q Maverick interview in our new issue – on sale now in print and on digital.

From early days as part of New York’s avante-garde music scene, via a Mercury Music Prize win for Antony And The Johnsons to politically-engaged recent material, it’s a fascinating story of transformation and innovation both creatively and personally.

Though admitting to be terrified to be talking about herself, she discusses all this and more with Q’s Dorian Lynskey in our wide-ranging interview. As a preview we present an extract about Anohni’s experiences with Oscars this year.

The singer-songwriter was nominated for Best Song after Manta Ray was used in documentary Racing Extinction, however the Academy declined to invite her to perform, leading to press coverage which suggested a snub. However rather than engage with the singer, she felt the organisers gave her no support and opted to boycott the process, condemning the Oscars in a Facebook post as “a little tap dance to occupy you while Rome burns”. Here is Anohni’s perspective on the experience:

“The Academy Awards is a capitalist process. They didn’t give a shit what was going on with me. They didn’t care that I was being raked through the press. It left me feeling completely embarrassed and ambivalent. Regardless of whether they cast me in their show – I couldn’t care less – they didn’t talk to me. In fact, they said incredible, unbelievable things to us in the final stages which were so insulting. To me, it’s just a tiny version of a much bigger problem. It’s part of a system that undermines us all.”

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