Brett Anderson: “I’m writing a new Suede album” (Q30th Birthday Issue Preview)

Brett Anderson: “I’m writing a new Suede album” (Q30th Birthday Issue Preview)

suede500With Q celebrating its 30th birthday with a special issue – out now in print and on digital – we speak to Brett Anderson about his favourite music of Q’s lifetime, although the Suede singer reveals he has one eye on the future.

Recounting his musical memories of the last 30 years, the singer tells Q’s Paul Stokes that he is currently working on songs for Suede’s next effort.

“I’m thinking about writing a new Suede album at the moment which is quite exciting,” he declares. “I don’t really know what it’s going to be like yet. When I’m writing I’m very instinctive about it, I don’t engage my head but use my heart quite a bit. I don’t know what an album is about until I’ve written most of it. With Night Thoughts I was writing songs and it was not till I’d nearly finished that I realized it was about my family, paranoia and all those kinds of things, I let my subconscious take over.

“It’s not till you do interviews that you give it structure and give it meaning. It always looks like artists are much more in control of their work then they are. They give the impression they know what they’re doing but I don’t think most of them do. You stumble through it and then make sense of it afterwards.”

He adds that he sees Suede’s recent revival to currently be a triptych, though after that “who knows...”

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