Bat For Lashes’ cure(s) for a broken heart (Q337 preview)

Bat For Lashes’ cure(s) for a broken heart (Q337 preview)

batforlashesBat For Lashes is offering Q readers some cures for a broken heart in our new issue, Q337 out today (24 June).

Giving us her 10 Commandments, Natasha Khan admits music has helped her, but she doesn’t ruin her love life just to make records.

“I’ve got through bad romances by writing albums, but a break-up is not something I’d recommend doing for the sake of your art,” she explains.

“Recently, I’ve found there are more light-hearted ways of getting over love gone wrong,” she adds. “The easiest is to find someone to snog for a few weeks. That really takes your mind off things.

“There other one is going to bed with a hot water bottle.”

Get Q337 in print or on digital now for Khan’s advice on kittens, hipsters, otters, Solange’s bum and much more.

Plus listen to Khan's collaboration with Beck, below now. The pair's unreleased track is soundtracking a short film to mark a new capsule collection the singer-songwriter has designed for British label YMC. Head to for details.