Win tickets to see Elbow and Ellie Goulding at The Eden Sessions with ASUS Transformer Book

Win tickets to see Elbow and Ellie Goulding at The Eden Sessions with ASUS Transformer Book

WEB_edenprojectGreat moments in music can happen anywhere. It can be the song that comes on the radio as you’re dashing to leave the house that stops you dead in your tracks. That moment in a tiny venue when what’s unfolding in front of your eyes onstage seems like the most thrilling thing to have happened in human history. Or that early evening point at a festival, just as the sun is dipping behind the trees and everyone seems wrapped up in one big cider-sozzled cosmic oneness. Of course though, when these moments take place somewhere really special it can become even more extraordinary. That’s why we’re celebrating the launch of this year’s Eden Sessions, sponsored by ASUS Transformer Book, by looking into the most spectacular gig venues around the world that have played host to some truly amazing concerts.

On the morning of 30 January, 1969, the Savile Row tailors, office clerks and secretaries on their way to work couldn’t have known that come lunchtime they’d be craning their necks, hanging out of windows and filing out onto fire escapes to catch a glimpse of The Beatles’ last ever gig, played on the roof of their headquarters in London. It may have been a watershed moment in music, yet this impromptu send-off was given on what was essentially just a townhouse in central London. Imagine what happened when artists really wanted to up the ante?

Come the early 70s, prog-rock was testing the boundaries of where music could go. Songs were longer, stage costumes more elaborate and lyrics more impenetrable. As such, bands needed venues with an extra wow factor to showcase their new musical concepts. Enter Pink Floyd, who for their 1972 concert film settled on the location of Pompeii’s volcano-ravaged amphitheatre. The result was an epic combination of head-nodding aural voyages framed by the imposing ruins of ancient Rome. Not to be outdone in the acid rock-in-antiquity stakes, San Francisco’s chief freaks The Grateful Dead put on a series of shows in the shadows of the Egypt’s Great Pyramid and Sphinx in 1978.

The performance will always be what makes a gig great, but a stunning setting can turn it into something incredible. Just ask anyone who’s played Red Rocks in the foothills of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Set in the world’s only naturally occurring amphitheatre, the space has seen Jimi Hendrix, Mumford & Sons and U2 perform within it’s blood-red stone walls as the stars come out above.

Cornwall’s Eden Project is also known as one of the world’s finest gig locations. The Eden Sessions have a tradition of hosting world class artists and this year will be no exception. As headline sponsor, ASUS aims to make the Eden Sessions experience even more unique. Between a visit to the indoor rainforest and a magical concert by a Q Award winner, you can enjoy the latest ASUS gadgets. Not only will it be a great gig, but a whole day of fun.

ASUS sponsoring Eden Sessions certainly has to do with the SonicMaster audio technology featured in Transformer Book (see below). It’s also about shared values with Eden: both aiming for new highs in environmental protection. See

Win Eden Session Tickets! Elbow & Ellie Goulding

The Eden Sessions with ASUS Transformer Book offer the chance to experience great music in an epic location. Nestled among the giant biomes of the Eden Project, the world’s largest green house, it’s a gig-going experience like no other. Not only are you surrounded by some of the most exotic plant life on the planet, the dazzling array of colours produced by the domes, which light up as the sun goes down, is almost otherworldly in its scope and beauty. This summer promises to be the best yet for the Eden Sessions. On 21 June garage, grime, rap and pop overlord Dizzee Rascal kicks things off, while US electronica megastar Skrillex headlines on 25 June. Elsewhere, Brit and Q Award-bagging singer Ellie Goulding graces the stage on 8 July, with grunge forefathers Pixies appearing on 9 July. Elbow, the nation’s favourite Northerners, will be performing on 14 and 15 of July.

To enter our draw for tickets, email with 'Eden Sessions' with either Ellie Goulding or Elbow in the subject (all you can email us 'Eden Sessions - All' to in a chance of winning tickets for all of the shows) before midnight on Friday, 6 June. The winner will be drawn at random.

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