Access New Areas - Dominique Young Unique

Access New Areas - Dominique Young Unique

Dominiqueyoungweb_newOne of the most exciting names within Sony Music stable of emerging talent: Dominque Young Unique. The Florida rapper’s fast-mouthed style has been put to electro beats by DJ Fresh and Benga on the propulsive new Single throw it down. We ask put ten questions

Where do you call home? Tampa, for sure!

Describe your sound in five words. Club, Fresh, Fun, Electro, Unique

What is the thing you most want to achieve in the next five years? I just really want to continue to do my music and have success with that, as well as with my fashion and move into movies as well. I'd love to do films!

If you could be a fly on the wall backstage at another act’s gig, who would it be and why? Beyoncé.... I love her. She' such a strong woman

What was the first show you ever got a AAA pass for and why? Ha ha, probably my own!

Talk us through your performance of Throw It Down. Why is it a good introduction to you? Throw It Down in general is a good introduction to me. It came about through getting in the studio with DJ Fresh, who produced the first I featured on Earthquake, and Benga. It's such a current and fresh sound and it really does what I want to do with all my songs, create a fun club song that people could sing alone to with the chorus. "Don't make me Throw it down..." I could be talking about so much in that one line! The actual performance shows me as me, which is what I want people to see.

If you could work with any artist on the planet who would it be and why? There's so many, but I would love to work with Jay Z. I love his Flow he just murder shit. Also he inspires me.

What image do you have as your phone wallpaper/ what’s your ringtone? My image is my puppy, I love my dogs. No ringtone for me though, I stay on vibrate...

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