Xperia Access Q Awards gets new look trophy designed by Buster + Punch

Xperia Access Q Awards gets new look trophy designed by Buster + Punch

mainimage-fin-awardWith the Xperia Acess Q Awards marking their 25th year, Q is proud to unveil the new-look trophy that will be given out at tomorrow’s (22 October) ceremony.

The classic trophy has been given a refresh by London-born interiors brand Buster + Punch who are also presenting the Q Best Act In The World Today category in 2014.

Massimo Buster Minale and his team have brought the personality and conviction they apply to daring and permanent lighting furniture and limited editions to bear on the award that the winners will be taking home tomorrow.

Inspired by music, motorcycles, fashion and the sub-cultures that surround them, the base of the new award features of their signature ‘knurling’ pattern which is the as the volume and tone controls on some of the world's most iconic guitars.

"We started life in a small garage in Hackney, making custom pieces for rock stars and musicians. We wanted to use this as inspiration for the 25th Anniversary award," they explain. "The body of the award consists of our signature ‘knurling’ pattern which is the same as that used by Fender and Gibson’s guitar volume knobs, this inherently gives the award some proper rock heritage. We also wanted the award to represent the future of design and us as a company, so we decided to mix a number of metals on the award, which was once frowned upon in the design world, but we think is now trailblazing!"

You can see the new award, above, plus here are some of the sketches revealing the process that went into giving the Q Award its updated look. For more head to

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