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Playlist - Vigo Thieves' "Glasgow songs" featuring Franz, Primals, Orange Juice & more

PlaylistsPaul Stokes

Newcomers Vigo Thieves have been making a big impression in home town Glasgow selling out gigs far beyond expectations. Paying tribute to the scene that's nurtured them singer/guitarist Stevie Jukes has put together a Playlist of his fvaourite Glasgow tunes. "Music is everywhere in Glasgow, we're not a UNESCO City of Music for nothing," he declares. "We couldn't survive without it. Venues like the Barrowlands and King Tuts are known and regarded throughout the world, bands like Simple Minds, Franz Ferdinand and Belle & Sebastian wouldn't exit without the city. There is a real DIY scene in Glasgow now, Social Media and modern technology mean that bands and artists can get their work out into the world. Our last three videos have featured a heap of friends, Jody Latham from Shameless and John Leslie, earning us loads of views on YouTube and new fans. Our live shows, music, film and social media have led us to a good place, we keep busy and keep our fans informed. We couldn't do it without them." Plus check tomorrow (13 March) for a special from a Glasgow legend.

Simple Minds - Waterfront "The single note bass line hooks people immediately and the refrain 'get in, get out of the rain' is very Glasgow. We take a lot of inspiration from Simple Minds, a lot of Glasgow bands are very left field in their approach. We are universal and want to smash it everywhere like Simple Minds."

Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out "This song exploded through Glasgow, as did the band. Their art school links helped with great logos and videos from early on. A seminal song."

Belle & Sebastian - This Is Just A Modern Rock Song "B&S are quintessentially Glaswegian, they still live in the city and we really admire what they have done. They started out on the Electric Honey label, releasing some EP's and building up to the stage where they played Madison Square Gardens! This song soars when it gets going."

The Blue Nile - Tinseltown In The Rain "A really beautiful song about love and fast living in the city."

Primal Scream - Come Together "Bobby Gillespie is one of the coolest fuckers to have walked this earth. Last year the Screamadelica tour finally rolled into the Barrowlands in Glasgow and I was lucky enough to be there. Glasgow is a city split by religion and football but bands like Primal Scream make people forget their divisions and embrace the music."

Slam - Positive Education "As well as exporting top class rock n roll bands Glasgow also has a thriving club scene headed by a fantastic venue in The Arches. Electro pioneers Slam released this track in 1993 and have since enjoyed massive worldwide success in their field. Every year sees Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle curate their own tent at T in the park bringing in some of the biggest names in dance music. The tent has legendary status and many people have lost a whole weekend in there."

Paolo Nutini - These Streets "A song about moving to a new, big city that you feel such an outsider and relating back to a familiar home, Glasgow."

Glasvegas - Flowers And Football Tops "Lyrically this song is loosely based on the murder of Glaswegian teenager Kriss Donald. The song starts with a fuzz of feedback before the primal drums kick in and then James Allan delivers the first verse which is a commentary of how the night might have unfolded for the poor boys Mother. I remember seeing them just before their debut album was released at ABC2 and the atmosphere was one of the most powerful and electric I've ever witnessed."

Hamish Imlach - Cod Liver Oil And The Orange "Brilliant Scottish folk version of an old gospel song. Tells a hilarious story with vivid imagery of Glasgow working class life and it's social scene."

Orange Juice - Rip It Up "Jangly guitars, 80s synth and poetic lyrics. Highlighting a totally different side of Glasgow - one that influenced the likes of Franz Ferdinand and Belle & Sebastian."

For more head to, plus here's one more Glaswegian song, their own Ghosts.