Playlist - The brand new Third Rail festival by the organisers

Playlist - The brand new Third Rail festival by the organisers

blackchannels“We were in a band and we just wanted to support our favourite artists,” explains Jo Bartlett, who was not only part of It's Jo And Danny but a co-founder of Green Man festival, “When we couldn’t get to play with them in London, we thought we might as well bring them to us.” The upshot of that is the pair are starting a brand new festival, Third Rail which will take place on at Reading's Thames Prom on 5 July. “I’m really excited by so much music at the moment," she adds. "With everything from electronic ambience to free jazz experimentalism! There'll also be talks, cinema and some great local food and drink. There’ll even be a 70s style Youth Club.” To give us an idea of the musical side of things she made us this Playlist featuring some of her personal picks on the inaugural line-up.

Lakker - AV Demo "Lakker recently played a launch party for their new EP at a club in Hackney. Quite simply the best electronic gig I've ever been to."

Polar Bear - Be Free "Daring to mix jazz and electronica on their new album, Polar Bear never fail to stimulate and excite."

Grumbling Fur - Ballad Of Roy Batty "Such a captivating piece of music. We used this on the trailer we made for Third Rail (below) and it works perfectly as a soundtrack as well as being a wonderful piece of pop music in it's own right."

Crushed Beaks - Break Down "Awesome modern guitar pop. Great vocals and originality, love this song. The way it breaks down and goes off in a completely different direction at the end is so exciting."

Black Channels - Oracles (pictured) "Lovely dark electronica. Brooding and delightful in equal measures!"

Boxed In - No Joke "Brilliant electro pop, great to dance to and sing along to. The sun breaks out when ever this comes on!"

Teeth Of The Sea - Reaper "Dirty electro sounds, fresh from the techno underground but played by a band - prog techno!"

The Art Club - Let's Start Again "Guitar pop that takes me back to the C86 days, The Art Club manage to make it sound as fresh as a daisy!"

Kodiak Island - Laudanum "Gorgeous psychedelic instrumentals from the guitarist from The Yellow Moon Band's new project."

Firefly Burning - Unwritten "Complex and yet utterly listenable. Always makes me feel like a better person when I've listened to Firefly Burning. They've just had an album produced by Tim Friese Greene from Talk Talk."

Fauntleroy - Cushti Rom Vardo "Math rock by two guys, they sound like a full band!"

Sun Skeleton Jnr - Chet Baker "Psych drone at its best."

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