Playlist - Songs for a DIY Disco by Ultraista's Nigel Godrich & Laura Bettinson

Nigel Godrich has got his hands full with new bands right now. When the Radiohead producer is not making records for them, or joining Thom Yorke's Atoms For Peace he's busy with new trio Ultraίsta also featuring Laura Bettinson and Joey Waronker. With a debut album due out this week (5 November) and live dates kicking off later this month, Godrich and Bettinson have compiled us a Playlist of "songs for a DIY disco".

Anita Ward - Ring My Bell "Classic."

Sister Sledge - Thinking Of You "What a jam. Can't help but move to this one."

Prince - I Wanna Be Your Lover "Sexy. Upbeat. No complaints."

Baccara - Yes Sir I Can Boogie "This song is funny."

Boney M - Daddy Cool "This song is double funny."

NB Fun Funk currently unavailable

Can - I Want More "Never seems to age. So forward looking. Never get tired of hearing this."

DJFT Band - Fun Funk "Coming in from the left this one. Found on a playlist of obscure Italian disco. Pretty great."

The Knife - We Share Our Mothers Health "Grasping at the disco straws here. In fact, this is not really disco at all. Not in the slightest. But love this tune."

Bauhaus - Kick In The Eye "Proto post punk art disco."

Metronomy - My Heart Rate Rapid "Can't believe this song is four years old already. Time flies. Still love."

For more head to, plus here's one of theirs...