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Playlist - Raglans' "Songs with the coolest locations"

PlaylistsPaul StokesRaglans
Playlist - Raglans' "Songs with the coolest locations"

raglansHaving just released a new video, see below, Ireland's Raglans are about to hit the road, kicking off dates at Portsmouth's Souths Sea Fest tomorrow (20 September). To get them in the mood for seeing lots of new places, they've made Q a Playlist of "Songs with the coolest locations".

The Pogues - A Rainy Night In Soho Stephen Kelly: "Like all of Shane Mcgowan’s songs the lyrics are so vivid and equally beautiful and nasty. "You're the measure of my dreams" is as good as it gets, for me."

Easy E - Real Mutthaphuckin Gs/Real Compton City G's Stephen Kelly: "Best diss track ever recorded and another awful advertisement for life in LA in the 90s. Check out the video."

Beastie Boys - Hello Brooklyn Conn O'Ruanaidh: "One of the best opening lines ever, followed by some of the best uses of an 808 ever. Pretty much sums up Beastie Boys."

Manchester Orchestra – Pensacola Conn O'Ruanaidh: "Probably one of the most underrated bands/albums in the last ten years. "Alcohol, dirty malls, Pensacola, Florida bars" Sounds like the summer."

The Clash - Guns Of Brixton Rhos Horan: "It’s cool the way Joe Strummer forced Paul Simonon to sing this one, even if it does sound like he has a serious cold."

Weezer - Beverly Hills Rhos Horan: "Beverly Hills, that's where I wanna be."

The Moldy Peaches - NYC's Like A Graveyard Sean O'Brien: "Haven't been to New York yet but I think the Ramones would approve."

Kim Wilde - Kids in America Sean O'Brien: "Makes me want to grab a cocktail, throw on a Hawaiian shirt and have a night out in an 80's movie.

Bruce Springsteen - Atlantic City Sean O'Brien: "You had us at Chicken man, Boss."

Raglans - The Man From Glasgow Stephen Kelly: "I spent a few days in Glasgow when I was 19 doing some gigs and stayed with a veteran concert promoter who regaled me with tales of his career in the business. His story was sad in places but his spirit seemed undiminished which is what the song tries to reflect."

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