Artist Playlist - Public Service Broadcasting's "Farm animal songs"

Artist Playlist - Public Service Broadcasting's "Farm animal songs"

publicservicebroadcastingPublic Service Broadcasting are playing a festival on a farm - the aptly named Farmfest which takes place at Somerset's Gilcombe Farm on 1 and 2 August. To get ready for roughing it in the countryside the band's J Willgoose Esq has made us this Playlist of songs about farm animals. "I hope they publish the explanations or it might seem a bit random," he notes. Here they are indeed...

Bill Staines - The Fox "I heard this on Deadwood a few years back and loved it. Foxes being famed farmyard pests, this song tells of a vicious duck / goose-based genocide. Typical, eh."

The Bees - Chicken Payback "I love The Bees, who double up on band name for farmable animals (bees are people too - kind of). This is great fun and a cracking riff."

The Meters - Chicken Strut "Staying with chickens for the moment, The Meters are possibly the funkiest band ever."

Bud Hobbs - Goose Rock "This is a song I first heard on Mark Lamarr’s radio show a few years ago. He played some great stuff, it’s a shame he’s not on Radio 2 any more."

Sonny Boy Williamson - The Goat "And this another of Mr Lamarr’s choices. Good old fashioned 12-bar blues. About a goat. Yep."

NB Mole In The Ground and Sheep May Safely Graze are currently unavailable

Doc & Merle Watson - Mole In The Ground "No-one wants a mole in the ground, least of all farmers. Doc mentions at least four farmyard animals in this song, honest."

Doc Watson - The Riddle Song "Staying with the good Doc, a hero of mine, for a song that promises ‘a chicken with no bone’. How? Find out here."

Timothy - Bulldog Don’t Bite Me "Strictly speaking bulldogs aren’t farm animals, but I saw one on a farm once. Plus half of the word is ‘bull’, which clearly live on farms. And also it mentions a hog. Case closed."

Lambchop - Gone Tomorrow "I’ve been a fan of Lambchop for a while (and, indeed, lamb chops). This is a lovely song. And if I ever have lamb chops round my house, they tend to last significantly less than a day."

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Sheep May Safely Graze "The farmers will be glad to hear that one. Thanks Nick!"

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