Playlist - The Liminanas' "Darkside" selections inc Nick Cave, Stooges, Cramps

Playlist - The Liminanas' "Darkside" selections inc Nick Cave, Stooges, Cramps

TIM060.Liminanas.CostaBlanca.LPjktThe Limiñanas, from Cabestany, France, are set to release their third album Costa Blanca on 18 November. A stylish mix of garage rock grooves, psychedelic rhythms and French cool, the album is dizzyingly brilliant. Ahead of the release, and to mark today's spooky date (31 October), Marie and Lio Limiñana have put together a Playlist of fuzzy grooves that reach firmly into rock'n'roll's "Darkside". Have nightmares...

The Stooges - Down On The Street "Classic, but still super exciting and powerful today. Ron Asheton rules! Ron make us and our friends at the college, love the fuzz."

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Push The Sky Away "Our favourite record this year. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis have a great influence on us. This LP is a jewel. We could give our record collections to work with Warren Ellis for two hours!"

The Banshees - They Prefer Blondes "The 60s Banshees, un souvenir d'adolescence. We began to listen to garage punk with The Back From The Grave Part 2 compilation. Crypt Records boss Tim warren deserve a medal. His work have influenced the garage punk scene since the 80s. This song is a killer. Highly recommend for your toga party."

Fuzz - What's In My Head "We just play with them at the International Psychedelic Festival in Liverpool and we saw them before in London beforehand. Ty Segal and co are incredible. Between Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer and wild garage punk. They play super loud. This song is a hit. They are gentlemen."

Ennio Morricone - L'Estasi Dell'oro (The Ecstasy Of Gold) "El maestro! Every time we listen to this we feel better yet nostalgic. You remember the missing person, your uncle, La Costa Blanca. It's a real memory jog like Proust's madeleine cakes. Don't know why, but that's the power of Morricone. It's a masterpiece, and so is the movie."

The Cramps - TV Set "We love the cramps. Their debut album Songs The Lord Taught Us is our favorite. When I was little, my brother use to wake me up with TV set super loud on the stereo. Thank you Serge!"

The Galaxies IV - Dont Lose Your Mind "From the Pebbles II, a wild, wild instrumental. I don't know anything about the band but Don't Loose Your Mind is one of my favourites 60s garage tunes ever. Perfect played ultra loud on the stereo with a fresh anisette."

The Flamin Groovies - Around The Corner "The album Supersnazz is the best one, and Around The Corner is our favourite track! Rhaaaaaa! Love this record. It s totaly unique, nothing sounds like it, apart from Disney on acid!"

Factory - Path Through The Forest "UK freakbeat-psych legends The Factory's Path Through The Forest is an amazing tune. Ultra dark stuff. Try it!"

Suicide - Ghost Rider "Dark, cold and repetitive music. All we love, no chorus, no solo, Suicide rules."

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