Playlist - Festibelly 2014 by the festival's founder

Playlist - Festibelly 2014 by the festival's founder

theoperatorsHaving enjoyed the hugeness of Glastonbury, this month sees some more boutique and intimate events taking centre stage. One such festival is the New Forest's Festibelly, which takes place at Lymington in Hampshire next week (11-12 July). "Festibelly couldn’t really have started any more organically," founder Andy Bell explains. "Its first incarnation was a birthday party; a group of friends in a field drinking New Forest cider and a few of our mates' bands playing, and it’s just grown from there. It remains as something that is just about booking the music we love, being an intimate, friendly and miniature festival." Here's his picks from this year's bill.

Dios Mio - Proto "We had them play at a warmup event in London recently and they are totally captivating. For a young band the sound and songwriting is incredibly mature - a grungy edge but stunning shoegaze vocals and guitar melodies."

Femme - Fever Boy "Don’t be fooled by the pink cuteness! Despite the catchy melodies her live show is full of gritty bass lines and big beats, and flanked by a couple of foot stomping dancers it’s a real spectacle."

Mighty Oaks - Just One Day "After first hearing these guys rehearsing in a Berlin park about three years ago I’ve become totally obsessed. They’re based in Germany and aren’t in the UK much so I’m really chuffed they’re making the trip over for Festibelly. Rousing three part harmonies and good old fashioned epic folk."

Jus Now - Tun Up "Guaranteed to get the crowd completely hyped! Amazing levels of energy in their performance and the music is a explosive blend of bass, rhythms, Caribbean flavours and serious booty shaking. Prepare to get your dutty wine dance one!"

Southern - Where The Wild Are "An authentic American garage-blues sound. I caught them for the first time at The Great Escape and was blown away by their performance. They’re incredible musicians and so tight - definitely best enjoyed live so this is going to be electric on a big festival stage."

Phoria - Emanate "Beautiful electronica with pop sensibilities. This track is so flippin’ emotional… that synth drop at three minutes in? Spine tingling."

New Desert Blues - Zachary "We were lucky enough to have them play at a really intimate venue in Southsea for our warm up event and I was blown away. An epic sound which will be filling much bigger venues very soon."

Ginger & The Ghost - One Type of Dark "I love everything about this band - the artistic flair and aesthetics are as much a part of them as the music, you can really appreciate their background as visual artists. She has such a unique voice and the music - more Scandinavia than Australia!"

Mausi - Move "Handsintheairfeelgoodfestivalpop!"

The Operators - Meet Me In The Morning (pictured) "Absolute Festi-favourites. The Operators have played all five festivals so far and it wouldn’t be the same without them. Epic and catchy synth heavy rock/pop, they always bring a good crowd and definitely get stuck in (to the booze)."

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