Playlist - Dr Martens' Stand For Something gigs by the bootmakers

Playlist - Dr Martens' Stand For Something gigs by the bootmakers

ArcaneRootsAlong with making boots for gig-going, Dr Martens are now providing the shows to go to, staging their Stand For Something Tour this winter. To showcase some of the acts playing this touring mini-festival the Daniel Freeland from the bootmakers has put together this Playlist for Q. “Without music, Dr Martens would have remained a workwear boot," he notes. "Music is our lifeblood, so this Autumn/Winter sees us play host to a series of six gigs in six cities – bringing some of the best musical talent to a host of authentic UK venues."

Funeral For A Friend – Escape Artists Never Die "Funeral For A Friend will be kicking off our tour with their usual brand of full on rock intensity and this is a personal favourite. We’re allowed to dip into the classics, right? Imagine this reverberating off the walls in a tiny club in Edinburgh."

God Damn – Shoe Prints In The Dust "Shut up and listen! This is a monster, and you’re going to be taken wherever the hell God Damn want you to go because, like most others at the moment, you’ll be pretty much powerless to resist their guttural charms. The most exciting profanity since you first swore at your teacher."

Eagulls – Nerve Endings "The kind of sneery, in your face, lo-fi awesome punk that would make your mother cry and wring her hands with terror – Eagulls are headlining our show in Cardiff. Lucky Cardiff!"

Mazes – Salford "Dropping their own colourful brand of quirky, leftfield indie pop, this likable bunch get better with every release that drops from their very capable mouths. Listen out for elements of Sebadoh, Sonic youth and Pavement – but remember that this is a sound that could only belong to Mazes."

We Are The Ocean – Young Heart "We Are The Ocean are, in a word, huge! With soaring vocals, massive songs and chorus’ that could raise the Titanic, they may be headlining Liverpool, but we’d bet that you’ll be able to hear this show wherever the hell you are."

Arcane Roots – Over & Over (pictured) "Arcane Roots have had a fiercely exciting year exploding their own strand of math-infused, melodic rock to bigger and bigger stages. A perfect compliment to We Are The Ocean, expect this show to drag you from heartfelt tears to ecstatic embrace and all the way round again."

Los Campesinos! – You! Me! Dancing! "We promised ourselves we’d pick a new Los Campesinos! track for this compilation, but this is JUST perfect. The soundtrack to 1,000 sticky indie nightclub floors is soon to be the sountrack for ours as well. Los Camp! headline our Birmingham show which sold out in minutes, obviously."

Johnny Foreigner – Shipping "Johnny Foreigner burst back on to the scene with their fourth studio album this year, and not a moment too soon. This is the stuff of living; acerbic, spiky jagged pop with urgent vocals that yell of all the explosive thoughts that keep you awake at night."

Tonight Alive – Lonely Girl "Tonight Alive quite literally explode out of the blocks with a cacophony of melody, chorus and punch that have kids queuing around the block across the world to get a chance to see this. Flying in especially from Europe for a single UK show, we’re very privileged to welcome Australia’s finest to Newcastle!"

Only Rivals – Borders "About to embark on pretty much every support tour worth doing, Only Rivals seemed the obvious choice to accompany Tonight Alive for a night of sweaty Doc Martens magnificence. This sounds like a sugar coated Armageddon, in the best possible pop punk way."

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