Playlist - Death Vessel's "No man is an island... but these songs are" selections

Playlist - Death Vessel's "No man is an island... but these songs are" selections

deathvesselHaving released his album Island Intervals earlier this year - the title was part inspired by sessions in Iceland at the invitation of Sigur Ros' Jonsi and producer Alex Somers - Death Vessel return's to London next month to play Concrete on 5 May. Hailing from Rhode Island, he clearly enjoys a smaller land mass as DV - real name Joel Thibodeau - has made Q this "island" Playlist. "There are mountains of songs with Island in the title. These selections are just the tip of the salt dome," he explains...

The Kinks - I'm On An Island "Solitary island delirium."

Meat Puppets - Island "Brothers Kurt and Cris reunite and come up with a gem."

Magnetic Fields - Desert Island "The second verse of this synth-twang number always cracks me up."

Hazel Dickens & Alice Gerrard - Train on the Island "There are dueling banjos this rendition of an old-time classic. While Hazel belts out, Alice claws in a frailing style to compliment Lamar Grier's bluegrass picking."

John Powhida - Rhode Island "Someone seriously wants out of Rhode Island on this rocker."

Black Dice - Island "It's a comforting little creature, especially when listened to on headphones."

NB Rhode Island, Island, Island Brothers and Island in the Sun are currently unavailable

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & The Cairo Gang - Island Brothers "Don't close your ears, or you'll miss this wonderfully ornate number."

Neutral Milk Hotel - Avery Island / April 1st "Picture a lone rider on a carousel horse."

Brian Eno - Over Fire Island "Once, the neighbors invited my friend and I to join them at a beach on Fire Island. After arriving we discovered that clothing was optional."

Sun Ra - Island in the Sun "It's tough not to take a shine to this dreamy tune."

Lee Hazlewood - Souls Island "Find a purple shadow, lay in it and let Lee do the lulling with this elaborate beauty."

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