Playlist - Chas from Chas & Dave's ten favourite piano players

Playlist - Chas from Chas & Dave's ten favourite piano players

chasndaveBack by popular demand... bands often claim that, but the genuine love shown for Chas & Dave is truly remarkable. Having kicked off a new UK tour last week in Cambridge (28 February), the duo are travelling the length and breadth of the UK this month. To mark the occasion Chas has put together a Playlist of his ten favourite piano players to tinkle your ivories.

Fats Domino - Swanee River Boogie "Fats was one of the first to cross Rhythm & Blues with Rock'n'Roll. Had his first hit in 1949, The Fat Man and is still around today."

Jerry Lee Lewis - Mean Woman Blues "Finest example of pure rock'n'roll piano playing. Produced by Jack Clement (a Chas & Dave fan) at Sun Studio, Memphis. 1957."

Fats Waller - Honeysuckle Rose "Fine 'stride' style. Would have a gallon of whisky under the piano at all times. Never known him to make a mistake."

Winnie Atwell - Black & White Rag Popular in the 50's I remember my mum learning this one & coming second when she played it in a talent competition at the local cinema.

Daisy Hodges - Yes Sir That's My Baby "Here's my mum playing piano and singing with me, Dave and Micky Burt on drums."

NB Fats Domino & Daisy Hodges currently unavailable

Albert Ammons - Roses Of Picardy "His main boogie left hand I called a Jerry Lee left hand until I heard him do it. Jerry Lee came along after Albert Ammons. But Ammons changes left hand mid-stream as he pleases. Clever man."

Jelly Roll Morton - Wolverine Blues "Played in jazz keys mainly. E flat, B flat, F - horn players favourite keys. I play mainly in C, F or G, like Jerry Lee and Albert Ammons who Jerry Lee must have got his left hand from, although he don't admit it!"

Alan Toussaint - Mother In Law "Ernie K Doe sang this. Alan Tousaint played on loads of New Orleans stuff. I like this easy going solo."

Bee Bumble - Nut Rocker Good 'in your face' rock'n'roll piano instrumental. Love classics rocked up."

Chas Hodges - Hungarian Rhapsody "Done one myself. Okay, here it is. This is a good live piece. Goes down great."

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