Playlist - The Avett Brothers "Songs to bid farewell with" feat Evan Dando, Bonnie Prince Billy & more

Playlist - The Avett Brothers "Songs to bid farewell with" feat Evan Dando, Bonnie Prince Billy & more

Having released a new album The Carpenter on today (5 November), folk pop trio The Avett Brothers - Scot and Seth Avett along with Bob Crawford - are going to be saying a lot of farewells (and hellos, of course) as they hit the road with their record (indeed UK dates will be announced soon). So whether it's life, love or you're just popping down the road, here are some songs that say goodbye in style...

Townes Van Zandt - Rex Blues Scott: "Townes seemed to convey hopeful loss through the contrast of his words to his delivery and melody. Somehow I like to believe that he was clueless of that and just being himself."

Arthur Russell - I Couldn't Say It To Your Face Scott: "I love this song because it reminds me that there are other courageous cowards in this world like me."

Weedeater - Alone Scott: "Alone is a masterpiece in that the banjo used in this context in the album it was placed and how it is recorded paired with Dixie's voice is a perfect expression of true isolation and vulnerability. I related instantly to it."

Langhorne Slim - Leaving My Love Scott: "The bewildered part of goodbye. I was once told that the great thing about country and rock music is that they can reinvent themselves over and over in each song. This happens constantly and no one does that better than Langhorne Slim when delivering the clearest of messages. I always trust him and I always connect."

Andy Freidman - Probably Shouldn't Call Scott: "This song is not closed off at all. I often feel like I open up and make a mess of a conversation by being honest and indecisive. Probably shouldn't call is me working through something like that out loud. I love it."

NB Alone and Hard Life are currently unavailable

Son Volt - Tear Stained Eye Bob: "Tear Stained Eye is a song very reminiscent of something Townes Van Zant would have written. I have chosen this song because its poetry always reminds me of how time really is fleeting and the spirituality we use to soothe our souls never works as fast or lasts as long as we need it too. Son Volt's Trace is one of my favorite albums of all time." -

Evan Dando - All My Life Scott: "I have been inspired as a songwriter deeply by Evan Dando's recordings for years now and this has been one of my favourites of his. Evan is the garage rock version of Townes Van Zandt and I can never get enough of his records."

Earl Johnson - Ain't Nobody's Business Scott: "After a long day of explaining myself and trying to be a good man, I often end with this song. Simple enough."

Bonnie Prince Billy - Hard Life Seth: "I love Hard Life by Bonnie Prince Billy for its honesty, for it's tenderness, and for it's plain spoken darkness. It just makes so much sense to me."

Regina Spector - How Seth: "How' is just a lovely song; sung so dynamically and with such power. It is one of my favorite vocal performances by Regina, which for me places it high among vocal performances in general."

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