Festival Playlist – Converse Rubber Tracks Weekend curated by Boiler Room

Festival Playlist – Converse Rubber Tracks Weekend curated by Boiler Room

PetiteNoirThis week (4-6 December) a new multi venue music festival is being launched by Converse Rubber Tracks. Staging acts around London who have been through the scheme's recording sessions, plus global artists like Run The Jewels (who play the 100 Club) and Mount Kimbie (who is holding a production workshop), boat party on the thames and an epic, nine hour Boiler Room broadcast. To guide us through the artists taken part, the later have made us a playlist featuring their picks from the event.

Run The Jewels – Meowrly "Meow The Jewels is the best cat-based concept album of all time. Many said it couldn't, or at least probably shouldn't, be done. How wrong they were though."

Endgame – Luxury Riddim "Endgame’s music is of a high-tech, bass-heavy style that is akin to Night Slugs, with Luxury Riddim being the stand-out from his debut EP. As well as his own music, Endgame makes waves as part of the Bala Club contingency, with his fortnightly NTS Show, and producing tracks for the likes of Blaze Kidd, amongst others."

Bok Bok & Sweyn Jupiter – Papaya Lipgloss "Night Slugs head honcho Bok Bok has been a guiding hand of UK club music for over six years. He latest release sees him pairing up keyboardist Sweyn Jupiter for deep piano stabs and rolling kick drums yanking London's early 2000s sound into this decade."

Prefuse 73 – Black List ft MF Doom & Aesop Rock "Prefuse 73 made his name with a string of impeccable, left-field instrumental hip-hop records which exemplify what you can do with an MPC and some ingenuity. Team him up with cerebral rappers MF Doom and Aesop Rock and it makes you want to strap on your back-pack and start dusting off those breaks records."

Kasra V – Last Orders "Kasra V is totally unafraid of creating drama in his tracks – Last Orders being no exception, as well as my favourite by him. If his Paradise Show on NTS is also anything to judge by, Kasra’s set on Saturday will provide the BR x Converse boat with fun aplenty."

Medlar – Tides "A stunning track from Medlar’s sample laden debut LP last year on Wolf Music. We’re very excited to have Medlar back on our screens representing Peckham’s very own Rye Wax record store, where he also works as a master selector."


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LA Priest – Party Zute / Learning to Love "The standout track from Sam Eastgate’s solo album that dropped on Domino earlier this year – an eight minute epic, funked up jam packed with samples, complex melodies and mind bending vocals."

ALXNDR LONDON – Jupiter & Pluto "Newcomer ALXNDR LONDON hits all the right spots with this slice of soulful funk and beats – we were introduced to him via Converse Rubber Tracks and we’re really excited to see what he does next. This is only his second ever show, so it’s great to showcasing such an emerging act."

Petite Noir – Chess (pictured) "Another incredibly well received Domino album from this year came from South Africa’s Petite Noir – Chess is a perfectly constructed pop song with a melting pot of off kilter rhythms, haunting vocals and soaring guitars. Pure magic."

FYI Chris – Banana Bread "Both in their sound and the scenes they’re affiliated with, FYI Chris embody much of what lies at the heart of South London. This track is a prime example of the loose house style emanating from numerous Peckham spots – from Rye Wax’s basement, or nestled within Church’s and Rhythm Section’s release catalogues."

For more head to Converse-music.com.