Artist Playlist – The Neighbourhood's "Songs for Califournia Dreaming" (sic)

Artist Playlist – The Neighbourhood's "Songs for Califournia Dreaming" (sic)

neightbourhood-2Having just released new album Wiped Out!, Californian band The Neighbourhood are currently on the road in Europe – they play London's Heaven tonight (10 November) – missing the sunshine back home. To take the edge off their homesickness, and reveal a few of the things that inspired their new record, they've made Q a Playlist of songs for "Califournia Dreaming" – don't worry the lack of Vitamin D hasn't gone to their heads, it's the title of a song from the album...

NWA – Fuck the Police Zach Abels: "I picked this song because they weren't afraid to speak their mind and I think more artists shouldn't be afraid to speak their mind or care what other people think about them."

Slayer – Dead Skin Mask ZA: "I picked this song because I grew up listening to thrash metal and this song had one of the sickest guitar riffs I've ever heard. It made me get into other gnarly music like theirs."

Frank Ocean – We All Try Jesse Rutherford: "It's a perfect song in my opinion. So mad I didn't write it. I've cried listening to it and that doesn't happen with every song. He's speaking for so many people & doing it so eloquently."

Kendrick Lamar – Sing For Me, I'm Dying Of Thirst JR: "In my opinion, Kendrick is the poet of our generation. His story telling abilities are out of this world. The lyrics in this song are so tangible & my senses tingle from bar to bar. The way he ends the first and second verse is the coolest shit ever."

Metallica – Seek And Destroy Mikey Margott: "This song is the reason I started playing music. Listening to their first album Kill Em All was one of the biggest life changing experiences I had. It really put my head in a different place on what music was and the attitude you could have behind it."

The Doors – People Are Strange MM: "The Doors are one the coolest bands of all time. I specifically like this song though because of the lyrics. Talking about how society shuns people for being different and being "strange". Also, the feeling that they were able to capture immediately with the opening guitar line is super sick! Puts you in their world right away.


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Black Flag – Rise Above Brandon Fried: "The 80s hardcore scene in Los Angeles has always seemed like it must have been one of the gnarliest music scenes to be apart of. If I could like go back in time and relive my life in a different generation, I would definitely want to experience the LA hardcore scene in the 80s as a teenager."

Hunny – Natalie BF: "We just got back from a tour with these dudes and it was an absolute blast. All of us grew up around each other up in the Thousand Oaks area of Southern California. I think their whole sound really encapsulates the Southern California vibe. I want to listen to this record while stuck in traffic on the 101."

The Beach Boys – God Only Knows Jeremy Freedman: "This song has always been my favorite off Pet Sounds. if you havent listened to the album I'm sure you've heard everyone tell you how amazing it is, it's true; and I think Paul McCartney was quoted saying God Only Knows is 'the greatest song ever written'... Can't argue with that guy."

Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name Of JF: "One of the few heavy songs that still gives me chills every time i hear it. was such a great band, and an amazing record. production is perfect."

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