Artist Playlist – The Joy Formidable's songs for female gaze

Artist Playlist – The Joy Formidable's songs for female gaze

joyformidable-roxyCurrently touring the US having released album The Hitch earlier this year, The Joy Formidable's Ritzy Bryan has made us a playlist of track celebrating the "female gaze". "I've put together a playlist that celebrates the female gaze, to tie in with a recent video that we made [The Last Thing on My Mind]," she explains. "The songs below are all from women artist that I love and listen to. They cover many universal themes; grief, death, love, family & social climate, from a female voice that's truly individual. Enjoy listening and thanks for the great music."

Aretha Franklin – (You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman "A couple of weeks ago, I was listening to a podcast on the demos and songwriting of Carole King and I heard her original version of this. The raw bones of this song are just brilliant & then you hear this version and it's just magical too. Killer start!"

The Pretenders – Don't Get Me Wrong "Okay, we're getting going now – I'm a big fan of Chrissie Hynde and I like driving to this song. It talks about the complexity of love, I think she's at peace with not being able to make up her mind."

Courtney Barnett – Out Of The Woodwork "We got to see Courtney last month in Memphis and she just smashed it. Love the EP where this track lives and lyrically she's so innovative and distinctive... 'It must be tiring trying so hard /To look like you’re not really trying at all'."

Santigold – Can't Get Enough Of Myself "I love it when a track comes together and it's fun and upbeat, but witty and wry at the same time. Take that narcissism!"

Ani Difranco – Life Boat "The opener from "Which Side Are You On?" is from the perspective of a homeless woman, but it binds storytelling with something deeply personal too. Such a beautiful track."


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Bjork – Joga "You feel Bjork's gaze reaching across the landscape of her Icelandic homeland in this track. She's celebrating friendship and the journey that she's made back home."

Tanya Stephens – It's A Pity "She knows what she wants but she can't have it. High (five) Fidelity!"

Stereolab – French Disko "Just heard this again for the first time in ages over the weekend . It's a great call to arms. 'It's said human existence is pointless/ As acts of rebellious solidarity/ Can bring sense in this world'."

Patti Smith – Elegie "One of my all time favourites, Patti Smith giving us an insight to not just female grief with this beautiful, haunting requiem to Jimi Hendrix."

X Ray Specs – Oh Bondage Up Yours! "Gutsy Poly Styrene slamming the system."