Artist Playlist – Sunflower Bean's "Songs to Cook Breakfast To"

Artist Playlist – Sunflower Bean's "Songs to Cook Breakfast To"

sunflowerbeanHaving turned heads earlier this year with debut album Human Ceremony, New York's Sunflower Bean return for the Green Man festival next month (19-21 August) before playing a UK tour in September. To get you sent they've Q a playlist of music to cook breakfast to. "Here's our 10 Songs to Cook Breakfast To playlist to help you cook up something good for those early mornings," they explain collectively. "This list consists some of our favorite artists and some of our favorite songs to start our day off with. We hope this playlist inspirss you to cook the best eggs you've ever cooked!"

CAN – Vitamin C "This song is a good one to wake up and cook some eggs to. Also a reminder not to lose your vitamin C!"

The Velvet Underground – Sunday Morning "One of our favorite songs which just so happens to set the right mood for a, well... Sunday Morning. Instead of going to Sunday brunch like some people love to do...we will put this on the record player and start our Sunday off right."

The Strokes – The Modern Age "This song gets us hyped, which is really necessary when making breakfast."

Tonstartssbandht – Black Country "It's chill, it's loud, it's singable it's everything you could want from some morning tunes!"

Pure X – Things In My Head "Another one that sounds like the sun is coming up and the coffees being made. It has something to do with chord progression."


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Neu! – Hallogallo "This one will get you going for sure. Vibe out and think about what you're going to do today."

Juan Wauters – Woke Up Feeling Like Sleeping "Self explanatory! Does anyone wake up not feeling like sleeping?"

Talking Heads – I Zimbra "It'll get the blood flowing and the toast toasting!"

Mac Demarco – European Vegas "For a hazy mornings breakie after a late night out."

Sly & The Family Stone – Everyday People "Some words of wisdom from Sly and The Family for any morning's cooking!"

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