Artist Playlist - Steel Panther's "Pre show tape"

Artist Playlist - Steel Panther's "Pre show tape"

Steel_PantherIn our new issue, Q335 out now, Steel Panther's sound engineer explains what it's like to work for the rockers in our "Secrets Of The Roadies" feature. While he's busy getting things ready, singer Michael Starr reveals the songs the band are listening to while relaxing in their dressing with this "Pre show Playlist". "The show is the most important part of touring for Steel Panther. All the Traveling, Hotels, Buses, Planes, Interviews and Bitches all come down to one thing, THE SHOW," he explains. Well, quite. "We like to get into the mind set of Rock, Sex and Partying. Nothing does it better then this list of songs your about to read for Steel Panther."

Van Halen - I'm The One "This song fucking rocks hard. Eddie Van Halen's guitar solo in this song makes me horny and the other guys know this is important for my warm up."

Bullet Boys - Smooth Up In Ya "Lyrically this song is genius. Its about fucking. Everyone loves to fuck. Even if you’re Gay fucking is top on the list."

King Fantastic - Westcoastsynthensizerbeachbumgangstermusic "When we tour, sometimes we get homesick and long for a night in LA. It also reminds us of our roots and where we came from and how proud we are to be from Hollywood."

Motley Crue - Girls Girls Girls "Almost every country and every town we play has a strip club. This song fires us up for the after show adventures."

Danger Danger - Naughty Naughty "This is Lexxi's favorite band and song. He loves to do his make up to this song."

Thornley - Come Again "Stix digs this band. This song has a great hook. The snare tone fucking rocks. I remember when Stix turned me on to Thornley I was blown away and fucking Stoked. How did I miss this band?"

Ratt - Your In Love "Fucking Ratt bro, this band rules! Lyrics make no sense just like all the other Ratt songs but, fuck it who cares it rocks."

Van Halen - Eruption "Again I need to be horny for my shows. Van Halen is like Viagra from me. Trust me at my age I need all the help I can get."

Steel Panther - Pussywhipped "We are gonna start performing this song at our shows. So now we listen to it before our shows so we can be ready to fuckin kill it."

Iron Maiden - Number Of The Beast "We play this song for the audience before we go on. Everyone gets pumped when this song comes on and the crowd knows when its over its time for best night of their lives."

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