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Artist Playlist – Eska's "Midday Rising With You" songs

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Artist Playlist – Eska's "Midday Rising With You" songs

eskaIt's been a busy few months for singer-songwriter Eska – full name Eska Mtungwazi. Having released her self-titled debut album she's picked up a Mercury Prize nomination and is about to begin a European tour, UK dates kicking off on 18 November at the Midlands Art Centre in Birmingham. However even with all the activity, Eska still loves a lie-in as this "Midday Rising With You" playlist she's made for Q demonstrates. "Midday Rising With You is the mood for waking lovers – or being nostalgic about one," she winks. "It's a day in bed, recovering from last night's excesses. Even better with the rain tapping percussively against the window, washing the city down."

John Martyn – Small Hours "To begin with, here's a haunting masterpiece accompanied by swans cooing across the lake where it was recorded."

Arthur Russell – Losing My Taste For The Night Life "I was late to the party when it comes to Arthur Russell but I was instantly hooked - being a (very ropey) celloist myself plus Russell's idiosyncratic style and funky approach to his main instrument. This song was written as Arthur became tired of his nocturnal and hedonistic lifestyle and retreated into seclusion and illness. He frequently recorded version upon version of the same song with subtle variations."

Jim Quarles – Outside Of It All "A great piece of 70s loner outsider psych folk – I heard it first on NTS Radio."

Jackie Mittoo, Bagga, Pablo Black, D Russell, Brentford All Stars – After Christmas "The aptly-named After Christmas is the perfect semi-acoustic jam to put on in the post-Christmas-excess aftermath, singing, 'Joy to the world!' hung over and half asleep. This is a heavy weight tune featuring Jackie Mittoo on keys alongside Pablo Black."

Terry Callier – Lazarus "Another artist I discovered way after his revival. Better late than never."


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Black Sabbath – Planet Caravan "Stellar production! The vocal effect and keyboard line cuts across subtley yet sufficiently to give it an other-worldly lift."

Donny & Joe Emerson – Baby "Ariel Pink covered this hypnotic Emerson brothers tune."

Hamza El Din – Shortunga "Hamza El Din was understandably a bit of a cult hero among 60s folk singer-songwriters. Of all the songs in my list, this is the one I'd cover."

Crosby Stills & Nash – Guinnevere "Time was suspended when I first encountered this song."

The Beatles – Flying T"his is the epic 9:38 version of the instrumental which appears abridged on Magical Mystery Tour, The Beatles album I most frequently return to."

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