Artist Playlist – Boy's "Swiss & German tracks you probably haven't heard of..."

Artist Playlist – Boy's "Swiss & German tracks you probably haven't heard of..."

boyHaving released two albums in their native Germany (bassist Sonja Glass) and Switzerland (singer Valeska Steiner) duo Boy are coming for the rest of Europe... and they're brining their friends with them. In that spirit they've made Q a playlist of "Swiss & German tracks you probably haven't heard of..."

Fotos – Porzellan Valeska Steiner: "Fotos are four great guys and good friends of ours, we are very happy to have two of them play in our live band. They write fantastic songs and constantly reinvent themselves. We can’t wait for them to make a new record."

Lambert – Stay In The Dark VS: "Lambert is a mysterious pianoman, he always wears a mask and nobody knows who he is. We were lucky to have him do piano reworks of two of our songs. I love all of his music, and this song is my favourite."

Lucia Cadotsch Speak Low – Slow Hot Wind VS: I went to their show and had a minor operation a few days later. I woke up from my narcosis with this song constantly spinning in my head, over and over and over, it wouldn’t stop for hours. It has something hypnotic about it, so pure and so beautifully sung and played.

Ego pusher – Purple Pit VS: "This is a swiss duo consisting of a drummer and a violinist. It’s a rare and adventurous combination and what they do is unique and very energetic. Go see them live, they are on fire!"

Me And My Drummer – Blue Splinter View VS: "Another duo, Matze Pröllochs on drums and Charlotte Brandi on magnificent vocals and various instruments. Their new album just came out and each song takes you to a new and unexpected place."


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The Notwist – Consequence Sonja Glass: "I'm sure many people know this band from Germany. Their music creates a very particular ambience."

Niels Frevert – Baukran SG: "One of our favorite singer/songwriters from Hamburg. He has a very special way of describing things or situations."

Casper – Hinterland SG: "Very good hip hop artist with good lyrics and a rough voice. He is incredible when he plays live. His shows are so powerful. This song is rather quiet though."

Say Yes Dog – Get it SG: "I like them. Good vibe. Their songs always own a certain melancholy but are still very uplifting somehow."

Small Fires – Set To Glow SG: "This is a quite new band from Hamburg. We took them on tour with us recently."